Raša Karapandža (born January 4, 1978) is a professor of finance at He serves as an academic director of Master in Finance program and head of chair of finance. He received a PhD degree in economics and finance from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He has been a visiting research scholar at NYU and at UC Berkeley. He also serves as a Visiting professor at

The general focus of Karapandža’s research and teaching activities is investments, empirical asset pricing, and portfolio management. In his recent papers, he studies return predictability of equities, new methods to test return predictability, the role of information on return predictability, and the use of big data to generate robustly predictable portfolio alphas.

Karapandža’s work has been featured in top media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Der Spiegel. He advised members of the US congress on the topics of regulating cryptocurrencies and other blockchain related technologies. He was elected favorite professor by the EBS business school’s student body for his teaching many years in a row — in 2009-2010 through 2016-2017. What makes him really proud is that he was elected an honorary member of the EBS student-body association.

Currently at EBS Karapandža is teaching an undergraduate class in Investments, MBA class in  Finance, Executive MBA course in Corporate finance and a graduate classes in Asset Pricing/Derivatives and Fintech class. At NYU AD Raša is teaching a Fintech course as well as NYU Stern course on Foundation of Financial Markets.

He is married to Tamara. They have one child, a son named Filip. Without any intention to sound like a James Bond and it was not fun at all, Raša managed to survive Serbian, Croatian, NATO, Hezbollah, Syrian and Israeli bombs/rockets. In each of these cases at least one of these bombs/rockets exploded in a radius of less than 500 meters from him. (not taking sides or making any value judgments here, these are just facts)