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Only killing robots can save the US manufacturing jobs – building the wall or introducing tariffs will not help.

Are US manufacturing jobs lost to Mexico? In the year 2000. there were about 19 million manufacturing jobs in the US and there were about 8 million manufacturing jobs in Mexico. By the 2010. the US lost about 6 million manufacturing jobs. During the same period Mexico gained only 200,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector. […]

Some CEOs get it, but most don’t – the accelerated evolution of our society: Tell me what you mean by “Facebook Relationship” and I will tell you how old you are.

Over the last couple of years I have had a chance to talk to many CEOs of large corporations. Unfortunately, most of them do not get it. What is this that they do not get? They do not get how fast our society is evolving. Let me give you an example. A few months ago I […]

Internet meme before the meme existed

Recently I learned that my students created these two Internet memes about me and my classes (could be that more of them exist on dark Internet). But you know what, I used to do that too! And even before Internet memes existed. When I was in grad school my favorite professor was Xavier Sala-i-Martin. He was […]

Thomas Piketty und die Nationalismus Falle

In einem Interview mit  Die Zeit sagt Thomas Piketty: “Wenn ich die Deutschen heute sagen höre, dass sie einen moralischen Umgang mit Schulden pflegen und fest daran glauben, dass Schulden zurückgezahlt werden müssen, dann denke ich: Das ist doch ein großer Witz! Deutschland ist das Land, das nie seine Schulden bezahlt hat. Es kann darin […]

Thomas Piketty and the Trap of Nationalism

In a recent interview with Die Zeit (translated by Gavin Schalliol), economist and author of bestselling book “Capital in the 21st Century” Thomas Piketty said: “When I hear the Germans say that they maintain a very moral stance about debt and strongly believe that debts must be repaid, then I think: what a huge joke! […]

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Eugene F. Fama and Lars P, Hansen of the University of Chicago and Robert J. Shiller of Yale University received the prize “for their empirical analysis of asset prices,” the Nobel committee said today. Why am I writing this post? I am writing it because in one of my papers (joint work with Jose M. […]

I get respect for the things I did not do

Taken from a CV of one of my ex students: “I am fluent in German, Turkish, English and Chinese. I speak well French and Korean.” She is 22. She asked me to write her a reference letter. There is something wrong with this universe. In some parallel universe in which justice is a norm, I […]

When the new technology kills the romance

Teaching evaluations that students give to their professors are one of the most important things for any university. Recently, here at EBS, we have switched from paper based evaluations of professors to electronic ones. This modernisation makes things more efficient. Usually that is a great thing. In this case however, I hate it. The new […]

Teaching finance at ebs.edu with new media – Generation Y

Current university students were born between 1992 and 1995. They belong to the Generation Y, also known as Digital Natives or Millennials. In this video I describe what I believe is the right approach to teach these generations and the generations that are about to start studying. I describe how I started from a simple […]

A commencement speech that went missing in the action

Dear Students, Couple of months ago it was decided that I should give a speech at the graduation ceremony. In the mean time the leadership of the school got replaced and my speech somehow got lost in the translation. At the end I was officially told that due to these changes in the leadership of […]