Internet meme before the meme existed

by Raša Karapandža


Recently I learned that my students created these two Internet memes about me and my classes (could be that more of them exist on dark Internet). But you know what, I used to do that too! And even before Internet memes existed. When I was in grad school my favorite professor was Xavier Sala-i-Martin. He was teaching Growth Economics which was the best course that I have ever had in my life. I have learned a lot from him about macroeconomic models and empirical findings dealing with determinants of Economic Growth. To put it simple, we were trying to understand what make economies grow and why some countries are more developed then others. But the truth is the most valuable lesson that I learned from him was how to teach well.

Xavier was really an excellent professor, probably the best one I have ever had. In the same time he used to dress unconventionally. He would always wear black shirt and pants, but in every class he would wear a jacket and a tie of different and quite vivid color. So I created and interactive internet meme to reflect this. And here it is. So help yourself and play with it! (you need macromedia flash, so it will not work on most of mobile phones, but click on the colors in Flash capable browser)


Nowadays Internet memes of professors are almost a standard. For some super star professors like Daron Acemoglu, students have even created tumbler accounts with collections of such memes:

My dear students if you ever do such a thing, don't hide it from me! I love this stuff. I did this stuff myself. It is the best way to reflect on yourself, so help me to become better. And make me smile ;).